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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Left & Right Hysterical about Trump Joke Yet Accepted Democrats, Media Siding with Enemy while I Served in the Army

UPDATED: July 27 at 4:35 p.m.: As a reminder of how absurd the hysteria over the Trump joke is, here is a flashback to July 2 when U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) made a joke similar to what Trump made. Per Breitbart:

The FBI still does not have 30,000 emails the expected Democratic nominee for president claimed to have deleted. 
“It has gotten so bad, the FBI is on the verge of asking Vladimir Putin for his copies of Hillary’s emails,” Cotton said.


Every day I was in the U.S. Army Reserve (including while I was in Iraq) the Democratic Party, the media, and their allies sided with American enemies. They helped defeat the U.S. in multiple wars. No one, on the political left or right, really cared about this, apart from writing blog posts and articles about it.

Yet now people of all political stripes are hysterical over Donald Trump for a joke he made about Russia having access to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. (On top of this, they are not hysterical with Hillary despite the fact that Russia likely does have the contents of her private email server.)

Shame on these hysterical people. Shame on the leftists who sided against the U.S. while I served in the Reserve yet now are hysterical about Donald Trump’s joke. Shame on the conservatives who allowed the leftists to get away with their betrayal while I served in the Reserve yet are now hysterical about Trump’s joke.

These are utterly despicable people.

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