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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Harrisburg, Pa.: Red-on-Red Attack as Marxist Mayor Wars with PennLive

Skyline view of Harrisburg, Pa. Copyright 2012, Paul Hair.
Eric Papenfuse, the Marxist mayor of Harrisburg, Pa., recently ordered his staff to reduce contact with media outlet PennLive. This is a red-on-red attack since PennLive is a far-left media outlet.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse is a Marxist who has praised domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and who holds other progressive beliefs. PennLive is the online presence of the Patriot-News, a far-left media outlet in Harrisburg dedicated to advancing the Democratic Party agenda.

On June 13, PennLive wrote that Papenfuse ordered his staff to reduce communications with PennLive.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse has ordered that his spokeswoman no longer talk with PennLive regarding city issues following two stories that looked at the mayor’s private business and real estate holdings. 
PennLive also will no longer be invited to weekly city briefings, the spokeswoman said.

The PennLive post added that, “The directive does not affect police information, according to department spokesman Capt. Gabe Olivera.”

BarbWire.com article, “Harrisburg, PA: Islamic Terrorism, Decay, and a Radical Mayor,” details the beliefs and agenda of both Papenfuse and PennLive.

PennLive articles on Occupy Wall Street, illegal alien invaders, and sodomy and transgenderism provide additional insight into how far left the propaganda outlet is.

Papenfuse fighting PennLive is a red-on-red fight—two enemies warring with each other. The long-term effects that come from this remain to be seen.

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