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Saturday, June 18, 2016

‘Winning through Losing’: The Perfect Book for Election Season

“Winning through Losing” Cover. Art by José Cano. © 2016, Paul Hair.
Winning through Losing is a new book containing two short stories. One is a humorous tale with a plot following a presidential campaign. The other is a tale that warns of how dangerous it is to focus exclusively on being an adult while others focus on your destruction. Both stories are perfect for the election season.

“Common Ground” opens Winning through Losing. Isaiah Epstein is working on the campaign team of Jared Tewksbury, the Big Tent Party nominee for the President of the United States. They are working to defeat Ross Templeton of the Forward Party, who is the incumbent president.

Isaiah is an enthusiastic supporter of Tewksbury and the BTP at first, but as the story unfolds a series of humorous events lead to trouble for the campaign and to Isaiah slowly becoming disillusioned. And when Election Day finally arrives, the story reaches an outrageously funny climax and conclusion. Yet at the same time, as outrageous as it is, it seems very real based on the past few election cycles. If you are in the mood for some light-hearted fare, you’ll enjoy “Common Ground.” . . .

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