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Monday, June 20, 2016

We Don’t Have Common Ground with One Another

Dave Dubrow is a fellow Liberty Island creator. He has his own website and recently commented on the state of the United States of America (emphasis in the original).

Major media outlets have made it clear that what happened at Pulse is entirely an event owned by a particular identity group. And if you haven’t supported every single aspect of that identity group’s political and social efforts, your support, your shared grief is unwelcome. The New York Times blamed its political adversaries for the shooting, not Mateen. In The Daily Beast‘s eyes, there’s no difference between supporting the traditional definition of marriage and wishing death to homosexuals. According to Anderson Cooper at CNN, if you didn’t Tweet enough about Gay Pride Month, you’ve done harm to the gay community and have no place discussing the Orlando massacre. 
Consider the poverty of spirit, the elevation of identity politics over basic humanity that these examples display. That shameful performance wasn’t beneath Anderson Cooper, as Mollie Hemingway said: it is Anderson Cooper. It is CNN and The Daily Beast and The New York Times. It is what America has become: Balkanized identity groups. Don’t make the mistake of calling Cooper’s loathsome behavior a lapse: it’s a lapse when he doesn’t do it. The kimono’s open, and we have seen the sickening ugliness beneath. ...

Read the entire piece at Dave Dubrow’s website.

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