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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

U.S. Army ‘Body Shamed’ Me

Hollywood actresses are eternal victims, constantly bullied by people who dare to comment on how they appear. And since society has agreed that these victims suffer from “body shaming” attacks, I want everyone to know the U.S. Army body shamed me the entire time I served in it.

Female celebrities whining about so-called body shaming is now an everyday thing. Those complaining run the gamut from attractive celebrities to unattractive and untalented ones who are related to Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The media, being the scum they are, amplify the accusations and make all sorts of wild accusations about how terrible society is for commenting on how these entertainers appear.

Nevertheless, since this is the new reality, it must mean the Army body shamed me for eight years while I served in it. After all, it constantly checked on my weight and physical fitness, and required me to meet exacting standards for appearance (everything from shaving standards, to hair standards, to fingernail length, and even how I dressed).

So why didn’t anyone ever feel sorry for me?

Maybe it has to do with the difference in importance between actresses and me. After all, they live a much tougher life and do much more important things than I ever did as a soldier.

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