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Friday, June 3, 2016

Social Justice Warriors Trump Reality

John Hayward recently wrote two articles at Breitbart that, if accurate, reveal that social justice warriors so completely control society now that their agenda fully trumps reality and our safety.

Breitbart published Hayward’s first article on May 20 and the second one on June 1. Read them both. But a paragraph from the June 1 article provides an idea of what has happened.

ZeroHedge puts the tragedy of Theranos in blunt terms, accusing investors and business partners of being totally hypnotized by Holmes, who is compared to the heroine of an Aaron Sorkin drama. She was an incredibly young, attractive, fast-talking entrepreneur who knew the tech world desperately wanted to believe her Cinderella story. Media and political heavyweights lost their damn minds over the narrative of a self-made woman shattering glass ceilings and revolutionizing the medical industry.

Again, read both articles in full at Breitbart.

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