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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snowden and His ‘Whistleblower’ Cohorts Refuse Requests for Transparency

Edward Snowden and his “whistleblowing” cohorts boast of wanting transparency yet when they were approached for transparency on their own actions they turned down the request.

The Cipher Brief ran the first part of “The Snowden Fact-Check” on June 6 and reported that Snowden and some of those most closely associated with his intelligence theft wouldn’t respond to it.

And Siers said much of what was revealed from the files Snowden took related to information about foreign operations. 
“Snowden and his sponsors made a choice to highlight foreign intelligence, and that’s part of that viewpoint in that quarter, that many of them, not all, don’t want any intelligence activity,” Siers said. “They think all intel is dirty. And if that’s your worldview, then you’re obviously going to promote it in certain ways.” 
Requests for interviews to The Intercept for Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story while at The Guardian, and documentary producer Laura Poitras, were turned down. Barton Gellman, who broke the news for The Washington Post, declined to comment on the story. Meanwhile, the Freedom Foundation, where Snowden is on the board of directors, did not respond to requests for an interview with Snowden.

Read the whole article at the Cipher Brief.

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