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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Twin Sister Sues Her

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has faced legal and professional troubles for months, with the latest issue being that her twin sister is suing her.

Reuters reported on June 7 that the Democrat Kane’s twin sister is suing her for discrimination.

Deputy Attorney General Ellen Granahan, 49, said she was paid less than her male counterparts, according Jeffrey Johnson, a spokesman for Kane.

The article details Kane’s other troubles as well.

Kane promoted her sister, who had been hired in 2008 by then-Attorney General Tom Corbett, several months after taking office in January 2013, drawing accusations of nepotism by conservative Republican critics. 
The first woman elected to the office, Kane has been the subject of other controversies. The state’s top court in September temporarily suspended her law license while she fought criminal charges that she had leaked confidential information to a newspaper reporter about an investigation into her predecessor.

Additionally, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on May 29 that, “Kane spokesman quits: ‘Tired of explaining the inexplicable.’”

Like Kane’s seven previous press secretaries, Ardo is leaving his job, widely thought to be one of the toughest in state government.

So far, the national media has paid little attention to the continuing legal and personal troubles for Kane, and will likely continue treating the story as a local/state one.

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