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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

‘Mortal Gods’ Is Forecasting the Future

From Liberate Liberty:

... Furthermore, the South China Morning Post, the state-linked Chinese media outlet, is more forthcoming about what the Chinese are doing regarding creating superhumans. An April article titled, “‘It’s most … most likely use, is the technology of human enhancement’: Chinese scientists alter genes in human embryos in controversial study,” provides some details. 
In only the second paper ever published on genetic editing in human embryos, a team from Guangzhou Medical University described their attempt to mutate a gene found to hinder the spread of HIV in humans. …
The scientific community has long been divided over the subject of genetic modification of human embryos. One objection is the possibility of unintended consequences occurring in future generations, and another is that the technology could lead to the creation of “designer” babies created for the wealthy. …
“It’s most plausible use, and most likely use, is the technology of human enhancement.”
Sparrow said as the technique was more likely to be an early test for future genetic enhancement in humans.
“If you were serious about not wanting to go down this path where wealthy people are having children who have been genetically modified to have capacities that aren’t available to the children of poor parents, then the time to try and stop it is now,” Sparrow said. ...

Read the entire post at Liberate Liberty.

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