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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Memorial Day 2016; Remembering LCpl Joshua M. Bernard, USMC, KIA Dahaneh, Afghanistan, 08/14/2009

From John Bernard's Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home website.

. . . The rewards of the mission itself would be short lived, as there had not been any commitment to keep American Forces in that town, but the short term gain, was hoped, to be a new found sense of personal dignity and courage as the average Afghan, dipped his finger in purple ink; a public sign that they had braved the dangers of the day to act as responsible citizens of Afghanistan. 
It was during the third day of the operation, and late in the afternoon that Higher Echelon had called an administrative halt of all advancing units for reasons that are still unclear. That stop turned out to be a fateful one for Josh's Squad. Sensing the heightened security concern of the danger area they had just been compelled to stop in, the Patrol Leader immediately reached for the handset, to request permission to displace, in order to safeguard the exposed Marines in his charge. 
That call was never completed. 
Within seconds a barrage of RPG Rockets came careening in, in the midst of the Patrol, exploding as they hit. 
Joshua Bernard, took a direct hit. . . .

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