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Friday, June 3, 2016

Media Baffled by Law-abiding Non-white Immigrants

Media continue demonstrating why people despise them, with one of the latest examples coming on May 28 from a Los Angeles Times reporter who expressed bewilderment that law-abiding non-white immigrants support enforcing immigration laws.

The Los Angeles Times titled Robin Abcarian’s article, “Trump weirdness in Fresno: Latinos who love him, police who charm the protesters,” which proved to be appropriate.

Who were these people, exactly, who could vote for a man who has called Mexicans rapists and murderers, who insulted the Republican Latina governor of New Mexico, who tweeted “I love Hispanics” as he ate a taco bowl at his desk on Cinco de Mayo? … 
His rhetoric about Mexicans doesn’t bother you, I asked? 
“It’s about illegal aliens!” Jennings said. “Mom and I can’t go to Canada and just squat and get benefits. We couldn’t go to Mexico either without the proper paperwork. They’d put us in jail!”

In addition to demonstrating the disconnect media have with law-abiding Americans, the lies in the article about what Trump has actually said also show why people hate them—and why they are surging to Trump, a candidate who is besting the media and the rest of the ruling elite at their own game.

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