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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Intelligence Violations Should Bar Her from the Presidency

Hillary Clinton ran a shadow human intelligence operation and used a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The government is investigating her for these things. But regardless of what happens with the investigation, Clinton should be barred from being President of the United States based on the rules of the U.S. government. Here’s why.

USAJobs.gov is an official U.S. government website for posting job openings with the federal government. The government recently posted an opening for a specialist in human intelligence (HUMINT) operations [Intelligence Specialist (Operations)]. The vacancy announcement closed on June 10. The announcement is still up as of the time of this posting and available for viewing at the link. Screen captures posted at the end provide a look at the significant portions of it when the link becomes inactive (click on them for full-size).

But here is the critical part of the announcement (it follows the Job Overview Summary) as it relates to why Clinton should be barred from any further government employment much less the presidency.

WARNING: DO NOT INCLUDE CLASSIFIED INFORMATION IN YOUR APPLICATION PACKET! Application packages that contain Classified information WILL NOT receive consideration for this position. Should you submit a resume or any other document as part of your application package and it is confirmed that any of the information is Classified, in addition to being found ineligible for consideration for this position, your Security Office will be notified to determine if any further action is warranted.

So if someone applied for this HUMINT job and submitted a packet with classified information on it—whether he knew it was classified or not (Clinton’s misdirect should largely be ignored)—he would be barred from consideration and possibly receive disciplinary action … or worse.

The government punishes everyday people who disclose classified information without authorization.

And if it will go so far as to bar someone from employment consideration if he puts classified information in an application packet that few people will ever see, why shouldn’t Clinton suffer harsher consequences for spilling extremely sensitive classified information via her private email server?

Hillary Clinton is unfit for any further involvement with the government. She definitely should not be anywhere near the U.S. presidency or any other high-ranking position.

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