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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Harvey Birdman [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton is Harvey Birdman since they both say “sigh” instead of actually sighing.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law was an obscure Cartoon Network series spoofing another obscure cartoon series. In at least one episode (maybe more), the title character says “sigh” instead of actually sighing. And based on a recent speech, Hillary Clinton is apparently into saying “sigh” instead of actually sighing.

Watch Clinton and then watch Harvey Birdman. (Vine video by Charlie Spiering; HT: Reddit.)

This could be an interesting thing to watch. American culture no longer really responds to hard facts or policies when it comes to electing national candidates. Clinton is massively corrupt and incompetent, yet many people don’t care.

However, ridicule remains a powerful thing. And if the public picks up on Clinton saying “sigh” and starts ridiculing her for it (regardless of whether people connect it to Harvey Birdman) it could come to be a significant event in the campaign.

It might seem odd that a ridiculous yet innocuous gaffe could affect a presidential campaign in a major way. Yet America is no longer the serious place it once was.

Time will tell whether this gaffe significantly affects the way people view Clinton.

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