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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Harrisburg, PA: Invaders Continue Flooding the Region

Looking west on Walnut Street in Harrisburg. Strawberry Square is on the left
and the greens of the Capitol Complex is on the right. The iconic Fulton Bank
building is visible through the trees on the right. Harrisburg is the state
capital of Pennsylvania. Copyright 2016, Paul Hair.
Harrisburg, PA and its surrounding region aren’t exempt from the U.S. government-led invasion of America with legal and illegal aliens. And as I noted months ago in an analysis and assessment of Harrisburg, Syrians are among the aliens the American government is using to invade, occupy, and conquer the American People. A recent article highlights this fact.

Campus Reform published an article on June 7 noting how Elizabethtown College is encouraging Syrian so-called refugees to attend college and offering them money to do so.

Elizabethtown College is offering four-year scholarships to five Syrian refugees as a symbol of its commitment to social justice. 
“We’re offering $5,000 additionally to up to five Syrian students who are refugees … in addition to the normal aid that we offer to international students,” school President Dr. Carl Strikwerda told CBS 21, adding that two students have already applied for the program, which requires both an ability to speak English and the same academic credentials expected of other students.

I wrote, “Harrisburg, PA: Islamic Terrorism, Decay, and a Radical Mayor,” at BarbWire.com in March. The analysis and assessment focused on the many problems of the Pennsylvania state capital, and some problems with the surrounding region.

One of the problems plaguing all of south-central Pennsylvania is that the American government is invading it with both illegal and legal aliens, with the area being one of the targets of the Syrian so-called refugee program. I didn’t explicitly write about this but I noted it by linking to an article (the second link below) that focused on it.

Neither the DOJ nor Papenfuse’s comments in defense of Islam are surprising. In addition to their common political ideology, their remarks come as Islam is becoming more prominent in Harrisburg and other parts of south-central Pennsylvania, just as it is becoming more prominent across rest of U.S.

Scholarships for five Syrian refugees isn’t much. But it’s one part of a larger invasion force that is flooding both Pennsylvania and the rest of America. So while the number in the Campus Reform story is small, it’s a reminder of how this invasion often occurs by way of a death by a thousand cuts.

Expect the American government to continue supporting the alien invasion, occupation, and conquering of America. But also expect resistance from the American People to continue growing.

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