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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Business Insider Wondered if FBI ‘Manufacturing Terrorism Cases’ Days before Orlando Terrorist Attack

On June 9, Business Insider published, “The FBI is ‘manufacturing terrorism cases’ on a greater scale than ever before.” Three days later Omar Mateen attacked a nightclub in Orlando, Fla. People are now accusing the government of not having done enough to prevent his attack. So which is it? Is the government doing too much to prevent Islamic terrorism or not enough?

Business Insider quoted several sources and media outlets that either hinted or outright accused the federal government of pushing terrorism suspects into doing things that justified their arrest.

Here is an excerpt of the BI post.

On Thursday, roughly 67% of prosecutions involving suspected ISIS supporters include evidence from undercover operations, according to The New York Times
In many cases, agents will seek out people who have somehow demonstrated radical views, and then coax them into plotting an act of terrorism – often providing weapons and money. Before the suspects can carry out their plans, though, they’re arrested. 
But critics say that the FBI’s tactics serve to entrap only individuals who would never have committed any violence without the government’s instigation.

People will continue demanding to know why the government didn’t catch Mateen before he attacked. They will continue demanding government “action” in the aftermath of it. The government will eventually respond to the demands by stripping law-abiding citizens of even more rights even as it will do nothing to address the core problem of Islamic terrorism.

But what few will discuss is whether the media have created a politically correct environment that discourages people (government or otherwise) from stopping threats out of fear of being excoriated as “bigots” or worse.

So, is the government doing too much to prevent Islamic terrorism or not enough? This is an irrelevant question in many ways.

Instead, the question should be: Who is preventing us from doing what is necessary to destroy the threat of Islamic terrorism?

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