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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Army Vet Brian Mast Running for Office; Featured on History Channel’s ‘Live to Tell’

Breitbart covered Army veteran Brian Mast endorsing Donald Trump even as Mast runs for the 18th district congressional seat in Florida. The article mentions that he lost both legs in Afghanistan. What it doesn’t mention is that the History Channel featured Mast in one of its episodes of Live to Tell.

Mast was an explosive ordnance disposal noncommissioned officer attached to a Ranger unit in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device severely wounded him. The History Channel broadcast Live to Tell, a television series, earlier this year. The series featured stories from the Global War on Terrorism. Mast’s story was featured in February.

Watch a bit of that episode below. I’m not sure if History canceled Live to Tell (it only broadcast a handful of episodes) but if it did, it’s a shame. In addition to telling what happened to Mast and the Ranger unit he was with at the time, the series featured other important stories of the war the U.S. has been fighting for nearly a generation.

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