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Monday, June 20, 2016

Armed Citizen Allegedly Shoots Burglary Suspect in Waynesboro, Pa.

Waynesboro is a small town in south-central Pennsylvania. It is just north of the Maryland border. The Public Opinion, a USA Today-owned news outlet based in the Chambersburg, Pa. area, reported that an armed citizen allegedly shot a burglary suspect in Waynesboro.

As of about 8 p.m. Monday evening, police are continuing to investigate, according to Waynesboro Police Chief Jim Sourbier. He told a Public Opinion photographer at the scene that “it is only preliminary facts known at this time.” … 
“(The suspect) became so aggressive in brandishing his weapon that an individual in the store felt their life was at risk and did fire several rounds at the suspect, striking the suspect.” 
Dispatchers had reported that a person at the scene was able to subdue the robbery suspect until authorities arrived.

Read the entire article at the Public Opinion.

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