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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump Too Distasteful for Conservatives; Colleges that Openly Hate Them Are Not

Donald Trump remains too distasteful for the ruling elites of conservatism, yet colleges that openly hate them and brainwash students to destroy them are not too distasteful for this same elite.

Every day conservative pundits launch a new stream of hatred at Trump and his supporters, insisting that they are the worst-of-the-worst; subhuman even. Yet these same conservatives send their children to colleges and universities around the U.S. And they indirectly encourage everyone else to do the same through the fact that they (along with everyone else) will neither hire, nor encourage others to hire, anyone without a four-year college degree.

The College Fix documents how much institutions of higher education, almost without exception, indoctrinate their students into hating conservatives and everything conservatives supposedly support—to the point where college students now want to destroy foundational America with a militant passion.

Conservatism is self-destructing. And what better way for conservatism to self-destruct than to attack a leading presidential candidate who is energizing his supporters while simultaneously supporting the higher education system which is working to destroy conservatism.

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