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Friday, May 13, 2016

Siri Is ‘Sexist’ Just Like I Forecast in 2014

Almost two years ago SCI predicted that, “Cortana and Siri Will Be Deemed Sexist.”

On April 7 of this year Acculturated published, “Is Siri Sexist?”

Writing in The Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance describes how these digital assistants work, with users commanding the machines to do their bidding, and wonders: “if we’re going to live in a world in which we’re ordering our machines around so casually, why do so many of them have to have women’s names?”

Modern times require that we go to war over everything, with everyone, and at all times.

It doesn’t matter that Cortana and Siri are artificial assistants. They have female personas and so we must engage in hostilities over them.

Very well.

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