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Thursday, April 7, 2016

‘I Am Chaos’ Available Now—for FREE—at Liberty Island

“I Am Chaos,” the brand new short story set in the universe of Mortal Gods, is available now in its entirety for FREE at Liberty Island.

“I Am Chaos” starts with Caitlin and her friends eating dinner at a New York City restaurant. Two of her friends are comic book writers for Sedition Sequential Art, the largest comic book company in the nation. These friends tell her how they are diversifying long-standing superheroes and updating them for modern times—no more patriarchal old white guys for the twenty-first century.

And right as her comic-book-writing friends are describing what they are doing, a group attacks the restaurant, killing some people at random and taking the rest hostage. The leader of the group calls himself “Josh,” because he likes “joshing around.” He wears a nice suit but also wears a clown wig, has streaks of color on his face, and wears thick-rimmed glasses with a lanyard attached to each temple tip.

Josh explains to the terrified hostages how he plans to wreak havoc on the city in a quest to exact revenge against the society he believes has wronged him. What happens next? You’ll have to read the free short story to find out! . . .

Read the rest at Liberate Liberty.

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