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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Plot to Take Down a Fox News Analyst

Kent Clizbe and I wrote an analysis in February on how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran an unauthorized human intelligence operation. BarbWire has an excerpt of that (along with an introduction from me) and the full analysis is at Intel and CT Weekly.

Today the New York Times Magazine published an article on how Kent attempted to warn conservative individuals and organizations about Wayne Simmons before the federal government arrested Simmons.

Here is the opening from the New York Times Magazine article, with the full piece at the NYT site.

Kent Clizbe, a 55-year-old former C.I.A. officer and intelligence contractor, has cultivated a diverse set of interests in his later years. He loves bird watching and participates in his local Christmas Bird Count, an informal census organized by the Audubon Society. He has a patent on a device, the TimeOff, that prevents unattended-stove fires. But Clizbe’s true motivating force — a holdover, perhaps, from his decade with the agency — is an unrelenting compulsion to get to the bottom of things. He vets every person he meets, interrogating every fact presented to him. This perpetual need to turn everything inside out is the defining trait of Clizbe’s personality, and he remains faithful to it, even when it incurs him great personal expense. . . .

Read the rest at the New York Times.

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