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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Maybe ‘Conservative Gay Marriage Advocates’ Can Tell Trump What ‘True’ Conservatism Is

Donald Trump might not be a conservative, but the Heritage Foundation and Conservative Political Action Committee surely are the epitome of conservatism. And so maybe they and their “conservative gay marriage advocates” can tell Trump what True Conservatism is.

The Daily Signal, the news arm of the Heritage Foundation, published a March 3 story by Kelsey Harkness with the headline, “Conservative Gay Marriage Advocates Urge Tolerance for Religious Objectors.” And that headline about what happened at CPAC 2016 shows everything that’s wrong with conservatism.

First, after constantly being told by conservatives that “conservatism cannot be redefined into whatever you wish,” I read the phrase, “conservative gay marriage advocates” from a conservative organization. . . .

Read the rest at BarbWire.com.

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