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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Harrisburg, PA: Islamic Terrorism, Decay, and a Radical Mayor

Skyline view of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The photograph was taken from
Reservoir Park in Harrisburg looking west at the city. The large dome
structure in the foreground is one of the above-ground reservoirs for Harrisburg.
Copyright 2016, Paul Hair.
Harrisburg, Pa. is a small, northeastern city, but as the state capital of the sixth most populous state in the Union it is an important one. National attention focused on it recently after the U.S. government arrested a man on charges that he was supporting the Islamic Caliphate. This is another demonstration that the threat of Islamic terrorism reaches every part of the United States.

Furthermore, the arrest provides an opportunity to examine Harrisburg more closely. And that examination reveals that Islam likely is growing in influence in the city and surrounding region. But even more importantly, the examination reveals that the city is mired in misery and decay, and that is ruled by a radical, Bill Ayers-supporting mayor who will not improve the city. . . .

Read the entire, long-form read at BarbWire.com.

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