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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Brainwashed: How the Left Got Conservatives and Christians to Embrace ‘Transgenderism’

Leftists have so brainwashed conservatives and Christians that they have now gotten both groups to embrace “transgenderism” despite both groups having firmly opposed this nonsense at one time.

There is no argument that leftists run circles around conservatives and Christians when it comes to setting narratives, dominating the culture, and simply controlling everything that happens in America now. Conservatives and Christians aren’t even in the game at this point. The way the left has gotten conservatives and Christians to be proud supporters of “transgenderism” is the latest example of this. And here is a quick, clear summary of how that occurred.

(1) The left created the concept of transgenderism and then created the narrative that transgenders are persecuted victims of society.

(2) Conservatives and Christians initially pushed back, often with mocking but little else.

(3) Leftists called conservatives and Christians “transphobes” and “bigots.” Conservatives and Christians cowered at their betters labeling them as “haters.”

(4) “Transgender” Bruce Jenner unexpectedly supported conservative Ted Cruz; leftists attacked Jenner.

(5) Conservatives and Christians saw an opportunity “not to be bigots and to turn the tables” on leftists, so they rushed to defend Jenner.

(6) Conservatives and Christians now consider Jenner “one of us.”

(7) Conservatives and Christians now embrace “transgenderism” and think they’ve dealt leftists a massive blow. Leftists smile because they know they now have conservatives and Christians supporting and promoting their agenda.

This is a massively successful influence operation by leftists. They brainwashed conservatives and Christians into promoting their agenda all the while conservatives and Christians believe they have won. It doesn’t get any better for leftists than this.

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