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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Women Will Only Fail in Combat if Men Make Them

Women will only fail in combat if men make them according to the emerging narrative from the media and women-in-combat advocates as they look to solidify their latest victory.

Stars and Stripes reported on Feb. 4 that “Women’s integration in the Marine Corps will only succeed if top leaders fully commit.”

The Marine Corps and Special Operations Command are on the threshold of integrating women into combat roles, but unless leadership in those resistant units is fully committed to changing the cultures regarding women, the efforts will fail, a panel of experts advocating for integration warned Thursday. 
“If your leaders don’t back a change, it won’t happen,” said Ellen Haring, a retired Army colonel who is a senior fellow at Women in International Security and on the board of directors of the Service Women’s Action Network, which spearheaded the push for women’s’ integration into combat roles. 
“Any leadership that refuses to get on board has to be moved out,” she said, “and there doesn’t seem to be any willingness to move out leaders who are not getting behind this change.”

So, according to the narrative, the only way women will fail in combat is if evil men make them. And in order to see that this doesn’t happen, we need to get rid of men and flood the armed forces with girls so they stand a fighting chance.

America has offered no resistance to the media and women-in-combat advocates up to this point so there is no reason to expect that it will start resisting now.

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