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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Worry about Next SCOTUS Justice When Illegal Aliens Are above the Law?

Updated on Feb. 22, 2016 to correct grammatical errors.

Pundits and politicians are focused on who the next Supreme Court Justice will be while noting that whoever ascends to that position could cause even more fundamental changes to the U.S. Conservatives are particularly worried about this and believe that if a conservative doesn’t fill the vacancy it will signal the death of the U.S. But why are conservatives so willing to give the Supreme Court so much power when illegal aliens, and those who help them, are above the law?

The Washington Times reported on Feb. 18 that a New Jersey town is assisting illegal aliens in breaking the law.

Since the Feb. 3 arrests, the town’s Human Services department and the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF) have been in contact with residents in the area “to offer assistance and support as needed,” the town said in a statement, NJ.com reported. . . . 
Councilwoman Heather Howard has been a leading advocate for working with the local immigrant population to prevent detentions and deportations, Fox News reported. 
“These [arrests] are really unfortunate,” she said. “They cause fear and panic in the community, and they work to undermine the community’s effort to improve law enforcement relations.”

Breaking the law in order to help illegal alien invaders occupy and conquer the U.S. is perfectly acceptable. No major politician or pundit offers any serious pushback against this. I don’t even recall hearing Trump say that people (including government officials) who help illegal aliens should be arrested and prosecuted.

So if people don’t have to obey the law when it comes to illegal aliens, why should anyone obey the law on anything else?

Therefore, why worry about who the next Supreme Court Justice will be? If you don’t like decisions the Supreme Court makes, why can’t you just ignore them?

That’s what’s being done with laws banning invaders from taking over the U.S.

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