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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hollywood Hated Antonin Scalia Enough to Beat Him up Onscreen

Hollywood hated Antonin Scalia enough that it beat him up onscreen all the while preaching why he was so “evil.”

The Hollywood Reporter published an article on Scalia following his death, noting that he wasn’t as unfriendly to the entertainment industry as it was to him. Part of the article included a summary of a recent attack on him by a TV show.

The younger Scalia had noticed an episode of Fox’s Scream Queens where his father was posed as a villainous character, one who tries to get the better of Jamie Lee Curtis before being repeatedly punched by her in between sharp verbal slaps: “The homosexual lifestyle is not destructive to the fabric of American Society,” “The Voting Rights Act should be authorized in every state,” and “The Affordable Care Act does not require people to eat broccoli!”

This isn’t the first time Hollywood attacked someone who doesn’t share its worldview and it won’t be the last. It’s sewage and as long as people keep happily giving it money it will continue burying the nation in its filth.

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