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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Deadpool Is ‘Pansexual.’ Here’s ‘The First Transgender Superhuman.’

Deadpool proved to be box office gold as Americans rushed to see it. And as a sequel is reportedly already in the works, people are beginning to talk about making sure the “pansexual” superhero gets a boyfriend in the next movie. But why wait for that tale? Buy Mortal Gods: Ignition so you can read “The First Transgender Superhuman” right now. . . .

The strong box office and reported sequel now have people talking about wanting to see the “pansexual” Deadpool have a boyfriend in the next movie.

Salon went with the headline, “Don’t straightwash Deadpool: It’s time for Marvel to let a queer superhero be queer on film.” Meanwhile, Variety ran a headline saying, “Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool’s Open Sexuality: A Boyfriend ‘Would Be Great.’” . . .

Read it all at Liberate Liberty.

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