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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mortal Gods: Ignition

Exclusive "Mortal Gods: Ignition" Artwork.
© Paul Hair. All Rights Reserved.
Mortal Gods: Ignition is my first foray into fiction—a brand new eBook collecting three short stories.

Mortal Gods: Ignition is a prose anthology that introduces a universe of superhumans that examines how they might actually impact the world, and what threats and challenges they might face. They don’t fight crimes and take on supervillains; they fight battles and engage in war. On top of this, they use their abilities to work with others in society instead of solely acting on their own. These three short stories are closer to how superhumans would be in reality than what you’re used to seeing.

The first story in Mortal Gods: Ignition is about an intelligence professional who learns of a threat to his nation from a beautiful woman who gives him a cryptic warning at fundraising event in Philadelphia. He returns to his home nation and urges his government to take it seriously and do something about it. “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood” follows him and slowly reveals if he’s right about the threat or if has he lost his mind and made of fool of himself for believing such an outrageous warning.

Next up in Mortal Gods: Ignition: The President of the United States learns that a superhuman working for the government in a highly compartmented capacity wants to come out right as the President is announcing sweeping changes to the immigration system. The President quickly arranges to host the superhuman as a guest at one of his speaking events where the superhuman will reveal his true self in, “The First Transgender Superhuman.”

Finally, Mortal Gods: Ignition examines the savagery of war. “Warrior” examines this brutality as a superhuman joins the rough forces of the remains of a nation as they struggle to take back their land from an invading enemy that has conquered them and inflicted massive horror on them.

So dive into this brand new universe today and discover a whole new way of looking at superhumans.

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