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Thursday, January 28, 2016

‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’: When Your Government Sides with Those Conquering You

Mortal Gods: Ignition collects three short stories examining how superhumans might behave in and impact a real-world setting. None of the stories in the eBook is meant to mirror the real world. But actual events can sometimes make them seem as if they are. Recent news from Denmark is one such example.

The second story in Mortal Gods: Ignition is titled, “The First Transgender Superhuman,” and shows a group known as the Caucus fighting back against an American President who has sided with illegal alien invaders who are conquering the nation. And a Jan. 26 article about a Danish girl fighting off a would-be rapist makes this story seem just a bit closer to reality.

The Local (Denmark) reported that a, “Danish teen fought off her attacker – now she’ll face fine.” . . .

Read the rest at Liberate Liberty.

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