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Monday, January 25, 2016

Comic Books Are Changing Superheroes. ‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’ Eliminates Them.

Comic books are fundamentally changing superheroes in the name of “diversity.” But my new eBook, Mortal Gods: Ignition, goes a step further: it eliminates the superhero and replaces it with the superhuman.

Comic book companies have made major changes to their industry and their characters. Changes include creating alternate histories or outside-continuity universes that allow for the redefining of aspects of existing characters and histories, adding “transgender” characters, or making existing female characters more powerful and prominent.

Marvel and DC, the two major comic book publishers, have been leaders in the effort to make their characters and universes more “diverse.” Their campaigns involve changing fundamental traits of long-established characters. Such changes include introducing a black Captain America, a female Thor, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, and a Batwoman who’s into women and an Iceman who’s into guys. And there are hints that the comic book industry wants to turn even bigger superheroes into champions who lust after the same sex.

And don’t think the changes to superheroes will remain confined to the pages of comic books. Your favorite character likely will be redefined for the silver screen. . . .

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