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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Will U.S. Ban UAS Strikes Following Its Ban on So-called Torture?

Torture continues being a topic discussed by politicians and media, and as they continue saying the U.S. was guilty of engaging in it against Islamic jihadists they ignore the U.S. executing jihadists and civilians alike in unmanned aerial missile strikes.

The Hill published an article on June 16 announcing that the U.S. Senate voted to ban the use of so-called torture.

The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted to ban the U.S. from ever again subjecting prisoners to waterboarding, “rectal feeding” and other brutal interrogation practices widely condemned as torture.

Yet even as politicians and the media denounce so-called torture and condemn the U.S. for using it to stop Islamic terrorist attacks, the U.S. continues conducting missile attacks with unmanned aerial systems even as these attacks execute terrorists and civilians alike. The Washington Post reported on June 17 that the rules of engagement for such attacks have even been relaxed.

The officials said that Nasir ­al-Wuhayshi, who also served as ­al-Qaeda’s overall second-in-command, was killed in a “signature strike,” in which the CIA is permitted to fire based on patterns of suspected militant activity even if the agency does not know the identities of those who could be killed.

There has been much less discussion on why these summary executions are acceptable to politicians and the media even as making terrorists temporarily uncomfortable is not.

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