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Monday, February 2, 2015

If Islamic Terrorists Aren’t Islamic, Why Does Society Even Consider the Concept of a Sodomite Christian?

World leaders insist that Islamic terrorists aren’t Islamic yet at the same time they insist that people who profess completely un-Christian beliefs are Christian.

Secretary of State John Kerry said on September 18, 2014 that the Islamic Caliphate does “not represent Islam” and that, “They’re the enemy of Islam. That’s what they are, and as the 21 clerics yesterday said in Saudi Arabia, they are in fact the order of Satan.”

Kerry’s statements echoed what President Obama had said earlier and what he and other leaders continue saying.

This denial of Islam being a part of Islamic terrorism brings up an interesting question: Why don’t leaders denounce those who profess to be Christians but who clearly aren’t?

For instance, author J. K. Rowling became enraged with Rupert Murdoch when he identified Islam as having a problem. She said on Twitter in January 2014 that, “I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I'll auto-excommunicate.”

Logically, however, what should have occurred is that actual Christians should have denounced Rowling as a non-Christian. After all, she clearly isn’t. She supports sodomy and as such is clearly un-Christian. Yet this would have been all but unthinkable in modern society, and if it did there undoubtedly would be a mass of professing Christians denouncing those who denounced Rowling.

The same applies to “gay Christians.” Why aren’t they denounced as not being Christians when it is abundantly clear that they aren’t?

The mindset of insisting that Islamic terrorists aren’t Islamic while insisting that non-Christians are Christians will both assist Muslims as they continue their Islamic War on the West and further degrade Christianity, as it becomes increasingly worthless, standing for nothing and simply looking for approval from whomever controls the culture.

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