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Monday, February 2, 2015

Autotheists Say Christians Cannot Refuse Service While Also Demanding Christians Be Fired for Their Beliefs

Autotheists continue tightening their grip on the United States and have begun to establish that Christian business owners no longer have any rights to refuse service, even as they simultaneously demand that Christians be fired from their jobs.

Christian News Network reported on a judge who ruled that a Christian business owner may be sued for refusing to violate her conscience.
A judge in Washington has ruled that the state may hold a florist personally liable for declining to provide flowers for a regular customer’s same-sex “wedding,” thus authorizing authorities to go after her personal assets should she lose the legal battle.
Meanwhile, The New York Times published an editorial supporting the firing of an Atlanta fire department chief for his Christian beliefs. The NYT also argued that no true Christian should be allowed to hold public office.
Mr. Cochran said he was fired “for no reason other than my Christian faith.” But he and his sudden coterie of supporters have it backward. This case is not about free speech or religious freedom. It is, as Mr. Reed said at a news conference, about “making sure that we have an environment in government where everyone, no matter who they love, can come to work from 8 to 5:30 and do their job and then go home without fear of being discriminated against.” . . . 
It should not matter that the investigation found no evidence that Mr. Cochran had mistreated gays or lesbians. His position as a high-level public servant makes his remarks especially problematic, and requires that he be held to a different standard. 
Unfortunately, Georgia’s lawmakers are headed in the opposite direction, considering for the second year in a row a “religious-freedom” bill that, like others around the country, would do little more than provide legal cover for anti-gay discrimination. 
The First Amendment already protects religious freedom. Nobody can tell Mr. Cochran what he can or cannot believe. If he wants to work as a public official, however, he may not foist his religious views on other city employees who have the right to a boss who does not speak of them as second-class citizens.”
Expect these arguments and legal rulings to continue being advanced in 2015 and beyond. At the same time, expect Christians to begin to organize better and start the process of fighting back against these rulings and ideology, although such organization and counterattacks will take time to have significant impacts.

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