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Monday, September 1, 2014

SCI Reader Comments on the Illegal Alien War

My column last week on the Illegal Alien War caught the attention of an SCI reader and he sent his thoughts on it:

Paul, another great article thank you.

I have been lamenting for years the invasion from the south as an act of war and unlike many of your apparent critics, I HAVE studied the history of Mexico and Central America and I do see the end game as well as the perfidy of American enablers in our destruction – from the Chamber of Commerce to the meat packers, it’s all about the money and exploiting these people while Americans go jobless. On the other hand the unions have ruined the manufacturing base of this country with their incessant ratcheting of demands leading to corporate desperation and an increase in the black market for cheap labor across multiple sectors...or is it that the manufacturers have ruined this country with their cowardice and complicity with union goals? Maybe it’s both...ugh. . . .

The problem has never been legal immigrants, or the legal immigration system. Yes there might be a few tweaks needed but overall, the system works if enforced. The problem is the illegal invasion and all the corporate colluders, sanctuary city enablers, bleeding heart useful idiots and political collaborators who are hastening the greatest fall of a civilization since the barbarians took Rome. They think that they will ride the wave to more global power and control but obviously these idiots slept through their world history class: collaborators are the first to die. Steinbeck’s ‘The Moon is Down’ should be required reading in every school. . .

Great minds are thinking alike all over this nation. I for one will be damned if I let everything our forefathers fought and died for go down without a fight.

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