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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Non-governmental Organizations as Enemy Force Multipliers

Non-governmental organizations play increasingly prominent roles in world affairs and while military and intelligence organizations readily recognize this it is questionable if they fully realize that one of the roles non-governmental organizations play is as enemy force multipliers.

Military and intelligence organizations consider non-governmental organizations (NGO) as an inevitable part of the global landscape, and they regularly train their personnel on how to work with them or be aware and considerate of them. This approach towards NGO tends to treat them as if they are unbiased and neutral parties interested only in peace and finding solutions to world problems. Yet this is increasingly not true.

The Washington Free Beacon noticed a late July tweet from an executive of Human Rights Watch (HRW). The text of the tweet read, “Tunnels used to attack or capture civilians is a rights violation. Tunnels used to attack or capture soldiers isn’t.”

In addition to pointing out how his statement is in violation of the Geneva Convention, the Free Beacon noted that HRW is far from a neutral organization:
In 2009, the founder and former chairman of Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein, publicly disowned the organization over what he said were its double standards and hostility to the Jewish State.
The biases and hostilities of HRW ultimately serve to act as a force multiplier for terrorists and other enemy forces. Instead of acknowledging that terrorists and enemy forces bring about the deaths of civilians and cause other problems, HRW often makes excuses for them and in the end HRW ultimately becomes a PR outlet for them.

Recognizing this sheds new light on media articles and stories where HRW is involved. For instance, as Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) draw closer to releasing a report that will attack the Bush administration, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the intelligence community at large for protecting the United States following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S., it is interesting to note how HRW and other NGO played a part in helping the SSCI and media propagandize for it. The Washington Post published, “The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland,” in January of this year in which in promoted the SSCI report and provided propaganda for the allegations of “torture” against the CIA. The article ended by noting:
In 2005, The Washington Post reported that the CIA had operated secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Human Rights Watch soon identified locations in Poland and Romania, and multiple European officials and news accounts have since confirmed the presence of these sites.
HRW and The Washington Post again teamed-up to provide propaganda against U.S. efforts to stop Islamic terrorism in late July when the Post published, “Human rights report takes at U.S. terrorism prosecutions, criticizes FBI tactics”:
In a lengthy examination of U.S. terrorism prosecutions, Human Rights Watch, working with Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute, said the FBI and the Justice Department have created a climate of fear in some Muslim communities through the use of surveillance and informants. . . . 
“The report clearly shows, in many respects, the American public is being sold a false bill of goods,” said Andrea Prasow, deputy Washington director at Human Rights Watch. “To be sure, the threat of terrorism is real,” she said. “But in many of the cases we documented, there was no threat until the FBI showed up and helped turn people into terrorists.”
The military and intelligence communities view HRW and other NGO as permanent and critical fixtures throughout the world; entities they take into account for every aspect of their operations. But they fail to recognize that NGO are often hostile to them and regularly serve as enemy force multipliers.

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