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Sunday, July 27, 2014

U.S. Officials Want Illegal Alien Invaders in U.S. Armed Forces Even as U.S. Citizens Being Rejected

Even as the U.S. armed forces are downsizing and turning away a high percentage of U.S. citizens who want to join them some U.S. officials are moving forward with plans to put illegal alien invaders into the armed forces which would further subvert the integrity and sovereignty of the United States.

The Kansas City Star reported in mid-May that the armed forces are now rejecting, in some areas, most of those Americans who want to join them:
With the United States drawing down its troop numbers from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the active duty prospects for a generation that grew up in the age of terror aren’t apt to improve, say area recruiters and educators. As it is, about four of every five adults who seek to join don't qualify.
Furthermore, the Army recently notified over 1,000 soldiers that it is firing them from the service. Reuters reported the following on July 23:
The U.S. Army on Wednesday defended its decision to notify 87 captains deployed overseas, including 48 in Afghanistan, that they were losing their jobs, would be transferred home and had nine months to organize their departure from the service. 
Senior Army officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the officers were among a group of 1,188 captains notified last months that they were being separated from the service as it draws down from the current 513,800 soldiers to 510,000 by the end of the year due to budget cuts.
Yet even as the federal government forced the Department of Defense to reduce its uniformed members—to the point where the DOD is now firing honorably serving troops in war zones—the same federal government wants to change the law to allow illegal aliens to serve in the armed forces.

“Sen. Durbin: Get ready for illegal immigrants in the US military,” blared a May headline at The Hill:
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Monday renewed a push for legislation that would grant legal status to young illegal immigrants who serve in the military. 
“I am confident that Dreamers will soon have the chance to serve honorably in the armed forces,” Durbin said in the opening statement to a Senate Appropriations subcommittee field hearing in Chicago. “On that day America will be [a] stronger and better country.”
Some federal representatives and senators countered on the push to put foreign invaders into the armed forces yet their resistance hasn’t stopped the effort.

CNSNews.com reported on July 25 that a Democratic-led effort in the House has introduced legislation to put foreign invaders into the U.S. armed forces:
Democrats held a press conference on Friday to announce the introduction of a House resolution calling for the Secretary of Defense to allow illegal aliens brought to the country as children who have been granted temporary legal status by President Barack Obama’s 2012 executive order to serve in the U.S. military – a move that would also grant them a path to citizenship. 
Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.), the sponsor of the H.R. 685, said “our broken immigration system” is to blame for restricting illegal aliens from military service. . . . 
He said the current military policy – which allows immigrants with permanent legal status to enroll in the military – was “morally reprehensible” because it denies men and women who are in the country illegally to join the military.
The effort to subvert the armed forces and nation with illegal alien invaders appears to be a strong one. Furthermore, there has been little (if any) questioning as to why national leaders want to enact this to occur even as the Department of Defense is rejecting U.S. citizens.

Expect this latest battle to subvert the United States to gain prominence and for proponents on the left and the right to pursue it until it becomes law.

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