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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Domestic National Security Threat, Part V-B: Leftists Accuse Constitution-supporting Americans of Being a National Security Threat because They Hate Them

Editorial Note: Emerging information and actions over the past few years has demonstrated that the United States government and a significant portion of the left-leaning population believe that those Americans who firmly believe in the Constitution are a potential threat and that the government one day might be justified in conducting military operations against them. Is there really a threat from those who value the Constitution or are the government and its leftist allies purposely creating strife for their own nefarious purposes? SCI analyzes this in a multi-part series.

Parts I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, IV-C, and V-A Are Here:

Earlier installments of “The Domestic National Security Threat” documented how leftists, the media, and the government have for years vilified right-wing and patriotic Americans as extremists and terrorists—a national security threat. The last installment mentioned how Eric Boehlert of Media Matters insisted that Frazier Glenn Cross, who recently murdered people in the vicinity of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, was right-wing long after it became clear that Cross was not.

Boehlert perfectly demonstrates the now irreconcilable divide between right and left in this U.S. And this divide is not a matter of misunderstanding each side’s positions. Rather, the divide is intentional and leftists manipulate tensions through deceit and outright lies in order to vilify right-wing and patriotic Americans as extremists and terrorists. This in turn paralyzes the right and patriotic Americans, and rallies the leftist base so they can move their agenda forward with minimal resistance.

A sodomite and a Hillary Clinton supporter named Kevin DuJan provides an insightful explanation into how this strategy works in a post he published at his website in 2013. He reveals how successful it has been and he specifically shows how Christians have been nothing but dupes in the strategy to undermine and defeat them:
Christians are depicted as the greatest villains of all time to gays, with the Gaystapo high command of “community leaders” declaring that Christian institutions must be destroyed as much as possible. Some lesbian went on tee-vee over the weekend saying that she wants “gay marriage” to pass because it both weakens the Church and traditional families…and I think there are a lot of subversives who do things like complain about Christmas trees or nativity displays in the War Against Christian Holidays in order to further undermine and weaken the Church. Gays love having an enemy, and the gay community leaders know that unless gays are focused on an enemy they will just go off into a million different directions (because dealing with gays is like herding cats if you don’t have a colorful and epic enemy to focus on). . . . 
Gays are largely fools because they just buy into all the Left’s thinking without question…and the Left depends on gays remaining this ignorant so they can be useful idiots in the Culture Wars. The Left sides with Islam because both are enemies of Christianity…and the two, together, share a lot of similar tactics and belief systems. If you really stop and think about it, things that Leftists do are very similar to things Muslims do…and the lot of them are all extremely patient and strategic and are willing to play a long game of chess while conservatives and Christians get distracted by daily life and family chores and take their eyes off the playing field. . . . 
2. Question: Here comes a question…why do so many gays assume I hate them solely because I have a reluctance to accept gay marriage? 
ANSWER: They assume you hate them because these guys are taught by the “gay community leaders” that they are supposed to hate their enemies. You don’t agree with them on something, so you are thus defined as the enemy in their thinking. Since they hate you for being their enemy then they assume you must hate them right back. It’s a vicious cycle of flawed and twisted illogic. . . . 
While I do admit it was shocking to feel the furnace of Alinsky-grade hate directed at me at first…because I had never experienced anything like that before…I quickly saw that these people are all just bully and bluster. The only reason the institutional Left wins the Culture Wars is because conservatives are very easily scared into silence and also Republicans keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over again and never seem interested in learning anything about the Left’s inherent weaknesses.
DuJan’s analysis is applicable to the left and their enemies at large as well. In fact, the efforts to vilify the right are important enough that leftists are willing to fake violence and “hatred” against them in order to advance this narrative. This is not unlike how, as mentioned in Part IV, the left is willing to lie about actual random or leftist acts of violence being perpetrated by ideologically right-wing Americans. And as with actual violence that the left attempts to blame on the right, the media and government are willing partners in leftist attempts to blame fake violence and “hatred” on the right.

National Review recently compiled a list of eleven hoaxes of so-called hate crimes that have happened over the past few years (“Eleven Hate-Crime Hoaxes – Bogus baiting, retracted rape, and homophobic hokum”). Hoaxes in addition to what are in the National Review list are as follows:

** August 21, 2012, Associated Press, “Police: Ex-Neb. Hoops star faked anti-gay attack”

** December 24, 2013, Paris Post-Intelligencer, “PARIS TN: Healthy Thyme health food store assault story in doubt”

And on top of this, the left and their allies are not at all ashamed by the lies they perpetuate to smear right-wing and patriotic Americans. In fact, when caught, leftists and their allies openly admit that they are attempting to advance their agenda:
The attack, which police immediately labeled a hate crime due to disparaging remarks the transgender student claimed were hurled, never happened. Under questioning by police in Hercules, Calif., the 15-year-old transgender student who identifies as male admitted that he had made it up. Police did not identify the student. 
And the motive? 
To rekindle support of a ground-breaking California law that allows transgender students to use restrooms that match their gender identity. The law is under attack by religious critics and could be challenged, even overturned, in court. . . . 
Already, school officials appear to be forgiving the transgender student: 
Said Charles Ramsey, president of the West Contra Costa Unified school board: 
“It would have been a tragedy. Sometimes a young person uses poor judgment, but we have to be compassionate and understand what motivated the student to want to do this. Everybody is human and we all make mistakes. It doesn’t take away from the fact that we need more support for transgender students.”
Nor is any of this unique to recent years. Harvey Milk, currently being honored by the U.S. government, actively engaged in the same type of deception operations currently being conducted by leftists, the media, and the government:
Rather than the gentle, soft-spoken idealist portrayed by Sean Penn, the real Harvey Milk was a short-tempered demagogue who cynically invented stories of victimhood to advance his political career. During his successful run for city supervisor, for instance, Milk’s camera store was the object of a glass-shattering attack by low-grade explosives. Milk blamed singer Anita Bryant, the outspoken opponent of gay-friendly legislation. “Years later friends hinted broadly that Harvey had more than a little foreknowledge that the explosions would happen,” biographer Randy Shilts noted. One friend explained to Shilts: “You gotta realize the campaign was sort of going slow, and, well . . .” 
The stunt would hardly have been the sole instance of Milk’s employing deceit to further his standing within the victimhood cult. In the upside-down world of San Francisco politics, Milk curried favor with voters by boasting that his homosexuality had resulted in a dishonorable discharge from the Navy in the dark ages before the sexual revolution. But far from the in-your-face, ponytailed “Mayor of Castro Street” of the 1970s, Chief Petty Officer Milk of the 1950s was a closeted homosexual whose discharge papers reflected four years of honorable service.
The right and patriotic Americans have no response to counter this incredibly successful attack. In fact, the strategy has been so successful that leftist activists, the media, and the government are expanding on it. They are increasingly becoming either unapologetic or sympathetic to breaking the law and engaging in violence, as if they have no choice but to do so in the face of their enemies whom they have framed.

Hence, the government or government officials openly boast of breaking marriage laws, national security laws, the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare), and privacy laws. They openly advocate for violence or defend those who have committed violence in the name of environmentalism, racism, and even communism.

And, ironically, while leftists, the media, and government officials often accuse the right and patriotic Americans of being the “American Taliban” (see also here and here) they openly support and defend the original and actual American Taliban member, John Walker Lindh. (In fact, Lindh apologist Jesselyn Radack is connected to another famous traitor, Edward Snowden. And another prime defender of Lindh now serves as the “No. 3 man at Justice.”)

Human Events published, “The Left’s History Of Violence,” in 2011 and showed that, “The surest way to become a folk hero on the Hard Left is to kill a human being.” The author offered several examples of individuals who have murdered and then become leftist icons.

Finally, William Voegeli at the Claremont Review of Books examined how leftists have successfully used violence and phony accusations of the right being violent to advance their agenda. He analyzed leftist accusations of the right both creating a climate of violence and engaging in it against the history of leftist violence and how leftists ultimately embraced it despite claims to the contrary. A 2013 article in The Daily Beast, “How 1960s Radicals Ended Up Teaching Your Kids,” supports Voegeli’s conclusions.

There is no reason for the left to stop its strategy of falsely accusing the right and patriotic Americans of being lawless and violent even as they engage in actual lawlessness and violence. It is getting leftists what they want and it has helped them move their agenda forward for decades. And what do they want? Nothing less than the total transformation of the United States of America.

Leftists’ contempt for foundational America and the Constitution is now in the open; they no longer attempt to hide it. They want to remake the U.S. into a Marxist or even outright communist nation and are doing remarkably well in achieving that vision.

Their open contempt for America and the Constitution works in conjunction with their strategy of projecting their own actions and thoughts on the right and patriotic Americans. For instance, in 2013 less than a month after National Journal published, “Republicans Are Awfully Close to Violating the Constitution,” (criticizing a handful of Republicans who supported fiscal responsibility) National Journal published, “A How-To Guide to Blowing Up the Constitution,” in which the author wrote:
America, we’ve got some bad news: Our Constitution isn’t going to make it. It’s had 224 years of commendable, often glorious service, but there’s a time for everything, and the government shutdown and permanent-crisis governance signal that it’s time to think about moving on. “No society can make a perpetual constitution,” Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison in 1789, the year ours took effect. “The earth belongs always to the living generation and not to the dead.… Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years.” By that calculation, we’re more than two centuries behind schedule for a long, hard look at our most sacred of cows. And what it reveals isn’t pretty. . . . 
Clocking in at some 4,500 words—about the same length as the screenplay for an episode of Two and a Half Men—and without serious modification since 18-year-olds got the vote in 1971, the Constitution simply isn’t cut out for 21st-century governance. It’s full of holes, only some of which have been patched; it guarantees gridlock; and it’s virtually impossible to change. “It gets close to a failing grade in terms of 21st-century notions on democratic theory,” says University of Texas law professor Sanford Levinson, part of the growing cadre of legal scholars who say the time has come for a new constitutional convention. 
Put simply, we’ve learned a lot since 1787. What was for the Founders a kind of providential revelation—designing, from scratch, a written charter and democratic system at a time when the entire history of life on this planet contained scant examples of either—has been worked into science. More than 700 constitutions have been composed since World War II alone, and other countries have solved the very problems that cripple us today. It seems un-American to look abroad for ways to change our sacred text, but the world’s nations copied us, so why not learn from them?
And there is nothing unusual about his thoughts. His thoughts are conventional among leftists, the media, and the government. Government officials at the highest levels, leftist outlets, educators, and pundits, and mainstream media all disparage and advocate for tearing apart the Constitution. They rail against the First Amendment, Second Amendment, the Electoral College, and the rest of it. They denigrate America as a whole, perpetuating myths and lies in order to make people hate it. They have even become bolder in advocating for communism.

The Times of India published, “‘No better time to be a communist in US’” in 2009. And The Daily Caller published, “Deutsche Bank: Communism is alive in America,” in 2013. The Communist Party USA celebrated Obama’s 2012 re-election. The CPUSA also is scheduled to hold a June convention in Chicago. Imagine the Nazis trying to hold a convention in the United States? They’d be run out of town. Even a group trying hold a Confederate convention would be vilified and destroyed. Yet communists—murderers of millions—are completely acceptable in the modern United States, and they can openly talk about how to defeat “the extreme right,” not unlike the Democratic Party. And Rolling Stone proudly employs someone who advocates for communist positions in columns such as, “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For – Guaranteed jobs, universal basic incomes, public finance and more.”

In short, the United States of America has passed a point-of-no-return. Right-wing and patriotic Americans support foundational America and the Constitution and leftists, the media, and the government do not. And this is why leftists, the media, and government have declared right-wing and patriotic Americans a domestic national security threat and are doing all they can to vilify and destroy them; this is why there is no hope for reconciliation between the roughly defined left and right.

The first part of this series started with news that the National Guard was using patriotic Americans as villains in an exercise, and subsequent entries explained why that occurred and the larger leftist strategy behind it. People should expect to see the continued vilification of law-abiding Americans and they should expect the leftist agenda to transform America to continue. There currently is no serious and competent opposition that will stop either of these things.

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