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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Russia and Its Geopolitical Ambitions

Editorial Note: An SCI reader sent his brief analysis on what’s going on with Russia along with some links to information examining the possible grander plans of the Russians. I haven’t evaluated all the information so it’s up to everyone to read it and make his own decisions. But I think he includes important things to explore—especially his opening analysis which notes the way the Soviets and Russians have used intelligence and information operations over the years to garner support, and how the Russians hope socialism (communism) contributes to the destruction of the U.S.

I made some minor edits and deletions but the majority of what the reader sent remains intact. Everything below is written by him. I intentionally left out his name because I don’t know if he wants it published. I’ll correct that if I’m wrong.


Just in case you may like some geopolitical views mixed with history concerning Russia and want a look-see at some info on a Russian Third Rome, then have at these links. You might decide that there is absolutely such a thing as the Russian leadership planning a New Russian Empire, an empire that would dominate at least most of Europe (a Russian Rome, one that the USSR’s atheistic communism failed at) and send America reeling.* Regardless of anything else, I assure you that most Russians are fascinated with the patriarchal/militaristic aspects of ancient Rome and have an identity with the memory of the Eastern Orthodox Roman Byzantines; they are drawn to the idea of a Russian Rome.

*The Russian leadership’s main ideological weapon is projecting the New Russia as a religious nation that is led by a strong supporter of the Abrahamic religions, a protector of children and traditional morality, that is rebuilding their military might—with America and the West’s Achilles heel being liberalism, weak leadership, and mistakes in foreign policy over the past two decades. They are also projecting that America’s increased dabbling in socialism will lead to the end of the American economic power house. That said, then just like the Soviet Union’s propaganda targeted the Left in America, much of the Russian propaganda has been targeting the American Right. Ask any Cold War Warrior Vet or Old School Conservative, and although some of that spin may seem appealing on the surface, considering the source, then it is always a deception. The hard core at the top in Russia are at their core are Stalinists, bold deception (usually based on a degree of truth) directly in your face is the norm! Bless Mitt Romney!


Eurasianism is the driving behind Putin whose ideas (in my opinion) were put forth with intense and precise symbolism in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Click here: Aleksandr Dugin’s Eurasianism is the volatile theory behind Vladimir Putin’s drive into Ukraine | Washington Examiner
Now comes Eurasianism
Meet Aleksandr Dugin, dubbed by Robert Zubrin today on NRO as “Putin’s Rasputin.” Dugin’s program is a strange, even exotic, mix of communism, Nazism, ecologism and Mother Russianism.
But the volatile mix of -isms shouldn’t be dismissed as mere fanaticism. It has the potential to provide the unifying facade for a new era of Russian imperialism.
Dugin’s obsession is seen in these words quoted by Zubrin: “Only a global crusade against the U.S., the West, globalization, and their political-ideological expression, liberalism, is capable of becoming an adequate response. ... The American empire should be destroyed.”
Those inclined to dismiss Eurasianist mix as impossibly volatile should recall the ease by which Hitler and Stalin carved up Poland in 1939. When the goal is brute conquest, words are merely means to evil ends.
Click here: Putin Adviser Publishes Plan for Domination of Europe | National Review Online

Click here: Aleksandr Dugin - Wikipedia

Russian Propaganda on the Grab of the Crimea:

Click here: Russian propaganda war in full swing over Ukraine | CNS News

Background for a Russian Euroasia (Russian Third Rome):

Click here: Third Rome - Wikipedia

Click here: Moscow The Third Rome?

Click here: How St. Cyril Brings Rome and Moscow Together | The Moscow Times (by Russell Working, a Chicago-area writer, lived in Vladivostok for five years. He recently visited Rome on a press tour sponsored by Promoroma, an agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.)

Click here: Saving the Third Rome. “Fall of the Empire”, Byzantium and Putin’s Russia - IWM

Also I have very good evidence on an artifact of Catherine II that there had been a late 18th century Russian intellectual/militaristic/mystical belief and blueprint for Russian claims to the entire North, as in a global circle of the more northerly northern hemisphere. It appears that this was inspired (or perhaps further inspired) by Catherine II via the French philosopher/writer Voltaire. – An open clue is seen below in bold.

Click here: How Voltaire praised the ‘enlightened despot’ Catherine the Great | World news | The Guardian
Catherine II the Great was born Sophie Augusta Fredericka in 1729, a German princess who was sent to Russia in a diplomatic Prussian intrigue and grew more popular than the man she married, the Grand Duke Peter - later Peter III. After his death she became empress, extending the Russian empire south and westwards. She considered herself a philosopher, and the arts flourished. The Hermitage museum, St Petersburg, started as her collection. She corresponded with the great minds of her day, including Voltaire, who called her “the Star of the North”.
Current Russian Arctic Policy:

Click here: Russia to move 3,000 soldiers to base near Finnish border | Alaska Dispatch

Click here: Russia to Establish Arctic Military Command | The Diplomat

Click here: Putin orders Arctic military build-up in 2014 — RT News

Click here: Russia to boost military presence in Arctic as Canada plots north pole claim | World news | The Guardian

Click here: Russia Opens Arctic Military Base to Protect Against US Threat

Click here: Arctic policy of Russia - Wikipedia

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