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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unruly Youths: Society Can’t Understand Why Teenagers Are Violent Even as It Punishes Adults Who Discipline Children

My latest column at ClashDaily.com.

American youth violence has been making the news lately. And people seemingly can’t understand why it’s happening . . . even as society punishes adults who attempt to discipline children.

The Philadelphia affiliate of CBS ran a story, “Police: 2 Women Gang Raped By Juveniles In Wilmington Park – Suspects Range In Age From 12 To 17-Years-Old,” in late August 2013. The story quoted local officials’ reactions to the crime:
“The new criminal we’re seeing, they’re bold, they’re brazen, and they have a total disregard for life,” said Maria Cabrera, city councilwoman-at-large in Wilmington. . . .
“Who told you that it was ok to mistreat women to this magnitude? And what do you need from society so that you can make better choices,” said Wilmington Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey-Walker, whose district includes the park. “There’s no easing someone’s mind when you have young people committing these types of crimes.” . . .”
At the same time, another story from August illustrates that it is becoming increasingly risky for adults to discipline children. . . .

Read the rest at ClashDaily.com.

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