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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Investigations and information continues emerging and being challenged about Benghazi.

However, Diana West, writing at Breitbart in mid-October, noted something that probably deserves a bit more attention:
Woods related to Congress that a general has told him that Carter Ham, then AFRICOM commander, was relieved of duty in the middle of the Benghazi attack. Immediately after the distress signal was relayed to Ham, and Ham was then told to stand down, Ham’s words, according to this general, were “Screw it.” “And within moments,” Woods recounted before the committee, “General Ham was relieved of his duty by an inferior officer.” Woods continued: “Now, the spin that was given by the administration was that this was a ‘pre-scheduled rotation’ of generals. Well, I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of the American community to say that a general in the middle of a battle would be relieved because of a `pre-scheduled rotation’ and especially by an inferior officer.”
Allegations that someone had relieved Ham had emerged almost immediately after the attack on Benghazi but they were unsubstantiated and there were plausible explanations for Ham’s departure.

But now that the father of one of the victims has stated that a general has told him that Ham was relieved of duty those charges deserve another look (assuming someone hasn’t already looked into them).

There are plenty of intelligence gaps that remain with the charge that someone relieved Ham of duty—including who the general was that gave Woods’ father the information and if he was present to witness the alleged incident.

Nevertheless, this is another bit of information regarding the Benghazi attack that makes it clear that the full story of what happened is not yet in the public record.

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