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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Boy Scouts: An Interesting Look into the Mindset of Our Culture

My latest column at ClashDaily.com.

Apparently some Boy Scout leaders in Utah pushed over a rock in Goblin Valley State Park and got into a lot of trouble for doing so. They even became the targets of international outrage. Analyzing this incident against another piece of recent news involving Utah Boy Scouts provides fascinating insight into the mindset of our culture.

The Boy Scout leaders who toppled the rock have allegedly been removed from their positions, with the Deseret News reporting that, “The council of the Boy Scouts of America announced the removal in a brief statement that also reiterates Scouting’s ‘Leave No Trace’ policy, which teaches the value of natural areas and ways to help protect and conserve them for future generations.”

The Deseret News later wrote in the same article that, “The Boy Scouts of America earlier condemned the action as disappointing and reprehensible.”

So the BSA is capable of indignation and disciplining its members. Regrettably, the BSA apparently is only capable of becoming indignant and issuing real discipline over politically correct things. . . .

Read the rest at ClashDaily.com.

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