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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apparently Greenwald and Associates Are Now Fair Game for Hacking

S&CI published, “Are Greenwald and Associates Now Fair Game for Hacking?” on September 24. S&CI asked the following question:
Nevertheless, if Greenwald and associates insist that the U.S. didn’t have the right to classify and keep private the data that Snowden stole, why do they think that they have a right to do so?
National Security Agency Headquarters in Maryland.
Photograph Courtesy of the Department of Defense.
Joshua Foust found the answer to this intelligence gap via an interview that an editor for The Guardian gave to the BBC. Foust reprints the relevant portion of the interview at his eponymous website:
The alternative to journalists making those decisions is, okay we’ll hand it all over to secret courts, and secret committees, and no one will ever know about these balances that are being struck. And the intelligence committee in the UK, I think, its members have been handpicked by the Prime Minister, and you have to say, okay we’ve got no business looking into any of this, and you have to trust Malcolm Rifkin and Diane Feinstein. But you know, every time I look at Diane Feinstein, who’s a Democrat with a great track record of causes behind her but you know she is an eighty-year old woman, I think how much does she actually understand what a twenty five-year old engineer is capable of doing, how many questions has she actually asked, what goes on inside those committees, how many of those documents that we’ve seen they’ve seen, how much have they interrogated them.

Other NSA / PRISM news comes in part from The Telegraph. The media outlet reported in early October that Russia will engage in heavy surveillance at the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The title and subheading of The Telegraph story reads, “Russia planning ‘near-total surveillance’ of visitors, athletes at Sochi Winter Olympics – Security measures at the Sochi winter Olympics will include such extensive electronic eavesdropping and surveillance that the US State Department has advised Americans headed to Russia to leave smart phones and laptops at home, an investigation has revealed.”

Thus far there has not been a fraction of the amount of media, political, and popular outrage over this revelation as there was over the intelligence that Edward Snowden betrayed. Also, there has been little to no curiosity or coverage on how the intelligence that he betrayed might now be in the hands of the Russians and ready for use at Sochi.

Expect Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, and other propagandists to continue declaring themselves the sold arbiters of deciding what information the public gets and what is hidden; what information the government has the right to classify and what it does not. Expect these propagandists to become increasingly militant and increasingly self-righteous in unilaterally declaring themselves the one and final word on what is right and wrong.

Also, expect the media, politicians, and public to continue overlooking how the intelligence that Snowden betrayed might now be in use by Russia and other nations.

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