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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Was Code Pink in the House Hearing at All?

Code Pink interrupted John Kerry’s testimony on Syria before the House of Representatives during early September.

Some might think this an embarrassment to Kerry and the Obama administration, yet Kerry himself commented that, “The first time I testified before this committee, when I was 27 years old, I had feelings very similar to that protester.”

And this high-profile Code Pink publicity stunt is not unusual.

So how did these anti-American protesters gain entry into the House?

Kristinn Taylor has longed covered Code Pink, its actions, and its supporters and networks. Taylor wrote, “Who Invited Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin to Obama’s Speech?” in May of this year and included the following analysis:
President Barack Obama was heckled Thursday by leftist terrorist ally Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin while giving a speech on national security issues at the National Defense University at Ft. McNair in Washington, D.C. Curiously, Obama’s staff let Benjamin interrupt and engage Obama several times on issues like Guantanamo and drones over several minutes before she was forcibly removed from the press rows in the back of the auditorium where the speech was being given.
Benjamin initially told The Huffington Post she was invited to attend Obama’s speech by someone she declines to name.
“I had an invitation, somebody gave me an invitation who I’m not at liberty to disclose,” Benjamin said, calling her protest “epic” when compared to her other demonstrations.
In a second interview with The Huffington Post, Benjamin teased about who invited her, “Well, getting in that’s a state secret I’m not at liberty to divulge. But I should say that we have friends in many places that some people might not acknowledge including within the military…” . . .
Given her background, Benjamin’s submission to be cleared by the Secret Service for the event, even as press, would have lit up the protective agency’s computer screens like a Christmas tree. Her ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iraqi ‘resistance’, Iran and Cuba, etc., would raise red flags that would likely have to be overridden by someone in the Obama administration’s press or public engagement office.
Something is wrong with how Code Pink constantly gains access to high-level events and high-level officials—especially in light of people wondering about the competency of national security procedures.

The number of high-profile events and people that Code Pink has interrupted and harassed is large enough that security officials should by now know who they are and how to screen them.

A list of notable Code Pink activity follows.

Intelligence gaps include: how far the Code Pink network reaches, who is helping the group, and what purpose their activities actually serve.

Capitol Hill Code Pink Publicity Stunts:

“A Touch Of Pink At The Plame Hearing” (CBS News, March 16, 2007)

“Condoleeza [sic] Rice & CODEPINK faceoff in Senate!” (YouTube Video, May 11, 2007)

“Code Pink Protesters Force Senate to Halt John Brennan’s Confirmation Hearing” (The Blaze, February 07, 2013)

Other Code Pink Publicity Stunts:

“Barbara Boxer’s Code Pink Pals Disrupt Condi Rice in San Francisco (Video)” (The Gateway Pundit, October 18, 2010)

“Protesters try to arrest Condoleezza Rice at RNC event” (Politico, August 28, 2012)

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