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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iraq, Syria, and WMD

S&CI published, “Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iraq vs. Syria,” on August 01. Among other points, the analysis asked the following question:
Finally, in this day and age of illegally releasing classified information, why hasn’t there been an organized and sustained campaign by the media to declassify legally the imagery that Clapper saw which he said showed Iraq moving something to Syria?
The Washington Times published its “Inside the Ring” column on September 18 and mentioned the following:
The U.S.-Russia agreement to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons is reigniting a controversy over the 2003 covert operation by Russian special operations forces to remove Iraqi weapons — including chemical arms — and move them to Syria and Lebanon prior to the Iraq War.
John A. Shaw, a former Pentagon official who first disclosed the Iraqi-Russian collaboration to The Washington Times, said the agreement brokered by Moscow could resolve unanswered questions about the arms transfers.
“The Russians were the principal — if not the sole — supplier of chemical weapons to both Iraq and Syria,” said Mr. Shaw, a former deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security who tracked Iraqi weapons for the Pentagon.
Also in the news: reports alleging that the Syrians are now moving weapons and transferring some of them to Hizballah.

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