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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Illegal Alien Alaa Mukahhal, Revealed by Breitbart News to Be Leftist Activist, Promoted by American Propaganda Outlet Voice of America

Breitbart News recently revealed that illegal alien Alaa Mukahhal, promoted by Senator Dick Durbin, is not only a flagrant law-breaker, but also is a hardcore left-wing activist who boasts of her manipulative information operations efforts.

But Durbin isn’t the only American who celebrates and promotes this illegal alien invader, American propaganda outlet Voice of America (VOA) has done so too in 2012:
When this reporter first met Mukahhal, she was going door to door in suburban Chicago to encourage Muslim Americans to vote in the 2010 mid-term elections, a privilege she is denied. At the time, Mukahhal did not share much personal information, out of fear of deportation. She was even reluctant to give her name.
“I wasn’t sure what the consequences were,” said Mukahhal. “I didn’t know what would have happened. I was scared to be honest. And I hadn’t found that community of support that I needed. Lots have changed since that original interview.”
Mukahhal is now out of the shadows to tell her story publicly, thanks in part to President Obama’s promise to stop deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants like her.
VOA is produced by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Congress recently repealed the law that restricted VOA and the other BBG propaganda to being “viewed or listened to at broadcast quality in foreign countries” only.

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