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Sunday, September 22, 2013

If Children Are Never Too Young for Sex, Why Are They Too Young for Marriage?

Janice Shaw Crouse wrote about something that society has long failed to address:
Recently, the world read with horror about the death of a Yemeni 8-year-old child bride who died of internal bleeding and uterine rupture on her wedding night to a man five times her age. According to UN and other reports, nearly 14% of Yemeni girls are married before age 15 and more than half before the age of 18. . . .
Something especially problematic for the left is that while opposing marriage before age 18, they advise teens “who are going to have sex anyway” that it’s better to use condoms and engage in “safe sex.” For the left, then, child marriage is the problem, not the fact that the girls are engaging in sexual activity at too young an age.
Morality does matter. And if society cannot acknowledge this, then the question becomes: Why does it attempt to generate outrage with issues such as child marriage, female genital mutilation, and other non-Western practices when the United States of America encourages children to have sex, promotes “sex-changing” children, and commits other human rights atrocities?

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