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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Communists Support Manning and Snowden

As prominent figures on the left and right continue voicing their support for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, the grave damage they both did to national security becomes clearer and more explicit.

It also is becoming clearer that Manning and Snowden either wittingly or unwittingly acted in the interests of Marxists and outright communists. The espionage operation that Snowden conducted has been used to help Marxist-led Brazil (where Glenn Greenwald has long lived). Furthermore, official communist publications such as The Socialist Worker have lionized both Manning and Snowden:
And as if this wasn’t enough, the largest and most powerful part of our government, the Pentagon and the intelligence and security forces, not to mention nearly 2 million police and prison guards, operate almost entirely without any interference from elected officials. Chelsea Manning’s 35-year sentence and Edward Snowden’s forced exile demonstrate the consequences for anyone opening even the tiniest window on this power behind the throne. . . .
Support for Manning and Snowden among both the left and right continues a disturbing trend where mainstream politicians, organizations, and pundits are supporting individuals and goals that explicitly communist groups and other hard-left organizations have long supported.

Read the entire column / speech transcript at The Socialist Worker.

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