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Sunday, September 22, 2013

American Authorities Arrest Another American Citizen for Insulting Islam

U.S. officials arrested another U.S. citizen on American soil in deference to Islam, even as the official charges were that he broke minor U.S. laws.

Florida law enforcement officials arrested Pastor Terry Jones because he was transporting Korans soaked in kerosene which he intended to burn (Jones was later released on bail). The arrest follows the commanding general of U.S. Central Command calling Jones and attempting to persuade him not to burn the Korans out of fear that Muslims would react violently to it.

The arrest of Jones is similar to how authorities arrested the maker of the “Innocence of Muslims” video for offending Muslims, even as he officially was arrested for parole violation.

The absurdity of arresting Jones and the maker of the “Innocence of Muslims” video for minor violations becomes even more ludicrous when contrasted with how authorities treated NBC News personality David Gregory.

Authorities declined to arrest Gregory after he illegally brandished a “high-capacity magazine” on television in Washington DC. Coincidentally, David Gregory previously argued that no one should listen to Jones, a courtesy that NBC News and other media outlets regularly give to pederasts, murderers, and other lawbreakers.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time an active general or public official has contacted Jones in attempt to persuade him from exercising his First Amendment right.

And while one retired general rebuffed another retired general in the pages of The Washington Post for mildly noting that U.S. armed forces aren’t in favor of fighting a war in Syria, to date, there appears to have been no major figures who have rebuffed any of the active generals and public officials who have attempted to persuade Terry Jones from exercising his First Amendment right.

Additionally, no one has answered why they believe that Muslims would react violently to Jones burning Korans even as the media and fellow Democratic Party members have praised President Obama for “forcing” diplomacy on Syria by threatening to attack it.

There appears to be no concerted effort to protect Terry Jones’ free speech and there appears to be no effort on the part of retired military members and prominent civilian pundits to stop active military leaders and civilian leaders from harassing him and others who might offend Muslims.

Expect the U.S. to continue targeting those who speak against Islam.

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