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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iraq vs. Syria: FOLLOW-UP

S&CI published, “Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iraq vs. Syria,” on August 01. Here are some additional stories to keep in mind and consider as the United Nations goes into Syria to inspect for WMD use.
  • “Saddam’s poison gas kills 20 of his men” (The Telegraph, September 02, 2001) – “AT least 20 specially-trained Iraqi soldiers are dead and up to 200 have been admitted to hospital after taking part in a chemical weapons exercise that went wrong.

    “News of the training accident emerged last week amid concerns that Saddam Hussein has rebuilt his chemical weapons arsenal. The soldiers, based in the Zaafarnia region south of Baghdad, were suffering from severe respiratory problems, according to intelligence received from Iraq.” 
  • “Reports claim Al Nusrah Front members in Turkey were planning sarin gas attacks” (The Long War Journal, May 31, 2013) 
  • “Iraq uncovers al-Qaeda ‘chemical weapons plot’” (BBC, June 01, 2013) – “Al-Qaeda in Iraq is believed to be the only offshoot of the Islamist militant network to have used chemical weapons.

    “It detonated 16 crude chlorine bombs in Iraq between October 2006 and June 2007.

    “Chlorine inhalation made many hundreds of people sick, but no deaths resulting from exposure to the chemical were recorded, US officials said at the time. Instead, the bomb blasts are believed to have caused the fatalities.

    “At the time, US officials said al-Qaeda appeared to want to use debilitating agents like chlorine in their bombs to cause casualties beyond those hit by the initial explosion.

    “US and Iraqi troops subsequently killed or detained many of the militants who were building the chlorine-laced bombs and seized much of their stockpiled chemicals.

    “A letter written by the late al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden five days before he was killed in a US military raid in Pakistan in 2011 urged members of the group’s offshoot in Yemen who he believed were considering using “poison” to be “careful of doing it without enough study of all aspects, including political and media reaction”, according to CNN.” 
  • “Iraq breaks up al Qaeda chemical weapons cell” (The Long War Journal, June 01, 2013) 
  • “Iraq seeks FMS deals worth more than $1.9B” (UPI, July 26, 2013) – ““This proposed sale will contribute to Iraq’s stability and sovereignty by increasing its situational awareness and ability to identify potential chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents,” DSCA said.”

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